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Re: NetBSD/vax - worth continuing?

> I've been fixing things in NetBSD/vax for a long time.  On and off,
> admittedly, and mostly focused around the 86x0 support.

> But it seems as if this is not worth doing anymore.  NetBSD/vax does
> not build natively, and have not done so for years.  And noone seems
> to even notice.

Oh, I've noticed.  I've even cited it on a few occasions as an example
(of, usually, the dangers of routinely cross-compiling).

> It seems as if NetBSD/vax is actually dead.  It just hasn't realized
> it yet.

About as dead, I would say, as the rest of the second-cla...uh, not
"industrially relevant", I think the phrase was, ports.  It just may be
one of the first to realize it.

> Is anyone actually trying to use NetBSD/vax at all?

I will be, once I get the spare time to either (a) drag out and set up
one of my real VAXen or (b) get my emulator fixed.  (This may not be
until I reach retirement age - which is coming up in only a few years.)

Of course, it will be one of my forked branches, not modern NetBSD.  I
haven't had anything to do with modern NetBSD in...quite a while.
Since it became an unacceptable licensing minefield, basically.

Though, at this point, I find myself wondering why.  I may, instead,
try to strike out on some new OS direction of my own.

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