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Re: KA48 / VAXstation VLC cache question

2015-08-20 10:07 GMT+02:00 John Klos <john%ziaspace.com@localhost>:
>> Maybe everyone thought it's normal for those machines to be that slow
>> and never noticed. :)
>> Can you tell if ka660_cache_enable() looks correct, as you mention the
>> KA660 (being SOC, too)? Test this code instead?
> That code causes a panic, like other things I've tried, on the first write
> of 1 to BEHR (Bank Enable/Hit Miss Register). Reading that location
> (0x20150800) causes a panic, too. This is after confirming that the CCR
> changes from 16 (decimal) to 17, meaning it is in diagnostic mode. I suppose
> that the cache isn't memory mapped in the VLC.

Comparing the now available "KA48 System Board Specification" [1] to
the "KA660 CPU Module Technical Manual" [2] regarding cache, they seem
pretty equal as I supposed, also register addresses in question...
Don't know what causes the panic then.


[1] http://www.flxd.de/netbsd/vax/doc/KA48-0-DBF.pdf
[2] http://manx.classiccmp.org/collections/mds-199909/cd1/vax/ka660tm1.pdf

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