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Re: NetBSD hardclock overhead growth

On 2015-08-16 21:33, John Klos wrote:
Not an 11/780, but anyway...
Krille:/usr/src# uname -a
NetBSD Krille.Update.UU.SE 5.99.44 NetBSD 5.99.44 (Krille) #387: Mon
Jan 24 18:15:12 CET 2011
root%GW.SoftJAR.SE@localhost:/usr/obj/sys/arch/vax/compile/Krille vax
Krille:/usr/src# sysctl -a | grep hw
hw.machine = vax
hw.model = VAX 8650

What results do you get for your machine? The VLC and 8650 are supposed
to be about the same speed, but the 8650 has twice the cache...

With the binary you sent, and 100.000 iterations:

Microseconds for one run through Dhrystone:  103.6
Dhrystones per Second:                      9652.5

This on a machine that is up and running with all services enabled, but not doing anything in particular right now.


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