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QVSS driver: How can I make it available?

I have been working on a driver for the QVSS/VCB01 qbus frame buffer,
when time permits, since last December.

I want to share it, but don't know how to make it easily available. I
can put it on by internet server, but it might get overwhelmed by the
5 people in the world interested. There are about 4 new source files
and half a dozen or more changes to miscellaneous sys/arch/vax
directory files.

FWIW, I have it working so that multiple pseudo terminals are
available. The LK401 keyboard is working. A mouse device is created,
but I have not tried any of the mouse functions (I have a mouse, but
not the proper cable kit for the VCB01). It is attached by the ws
driver. The qvss scanmap is used so that it scrolls faster than when
using a static frame buffer.

I have played with vi and I played worms for a couple weeks to see if
anything would panic.

Things to do:

- console on qvss (The qvss is console on KA630, but not KA650. I have
a KA630, but not enough memory for NetBSD.)
- mouse testing
- screen text other than 128 x 57 text (something closer to 80 x 25 is
more legible)
- the serial port driver should be tested with something more than a keyboard


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