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Re: QVSS driver: How can I make it available?

2015-07-02 23:58 GMT+02:00 Charles Dickman <chd%chdickman.com@localhost>:
> I want to share it, but don't know how to make it easily available. I
> can put it on by internet server, but it might get overwhelmed by the
> 5 people in the world interested. There are about 4 new source files
> and half a dozen or more changes to miscellaneous sys/arch/vax
> directory files.

If I am one of the 5 people, I can give it a try in August/September
at the earliest.

> - console on qvss (The qvss is console on KA630, but not KA650. I have
> a KA630, but not enough memory for NetBSD.)

I have a KA640 and KA660 (and another still indetermined Q-Bus CPU)
with enough memory, but don't know if qvss is console on these.
KA660 was also used in something called "VAXstation 4"...

> - mouse testing

A strange cable and "puck" came with my QVSS.

Is the custom bootloader needed, and did you fix allocation of Qbus
memory space?


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