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On 2011-06-14 12:07, Michael L. Hitch wrote:> On Tue, 14 Jun 2011, Hans Rosenfeld wrote:
>>> I'm getting an LK201 and already have a 3W3 breakout cable, so now I'm
>>> wondering if the graphics hardware in the 4000/60 or 4000/90 can
>>> properly
>>> operate as a console and/or run X?
>> LCSPX works as console in 5.1, SPXg should also work, LCG does not IIRC.
>> I never tried X.
>    XdecNetBSD needs some minor modifications to work with the these
> graphics hardware, but I think the vax has been switched to the xorg
> version now, and XdecNetBSD doesn't exist for xorg.
>    The LCG is missing a driver though - the last one Blaz Antonic
> provided was not working and I had set it aside for a while at the
> time.  A few months ago I was trying to get NetBSD installed on a
> 4000/60 and ran into the missing graphics console driver problem, and
> started trying to get the LCG driver working again.  I was able to
> figure why it originally wasn't working, but then I ran into a problem
> with the new locking code and haven't figured out what to do with that
> problem yet.
>    The current problem I have with LCG is that the FIFO for sending
> commands to the hardware can fill up easily, and I don't see any way to
> sleep waiting for the hardware to catch up.  I've got it working by just
> waiting for the FIFO to empty out, but that leaves the machine sitting
> in a short cpu loop with interrupts blocked.

Hi all,
did anybody continue to work on the x-windows issues?
Finally after years of absence, I got my VAXen back on my desk, and would really like to work on them again.

Is there any documentation available for the LCG & LCSPX boards?

All the best,

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