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On Tue, 14 Jun 2011, Hans Rosenfeld wrote:

I'm getting an LK201 and already have a 3W3 breakout cable, so now I'm
wondering if the graphics hardware in the 4000/60 or 4000/90 can properly
operate as a console and/or run X?

LCSPX works as console in 5.1, SPXg should also work, LCG does not IIRC.
I never tried X.

XdecNetBSD needs some minor modifications to work with the these graphics hardware, but I think the vax has been switched to the xorg version now, and XdecNetBSD doesn't exist for xorg.

The LCG is missing a driver though - the last one Blaz Antonic provided was not working and I had set it aside for a while at the time. A few months ago I was trying to get NetBSD installed on a 4000/60 and ran into the missing graphics console driver problem, and started trying to get the LCG driver working again. I was able to figure why it originally wasn't working, but then I ran into a problem with the new locking code and haven't figured out what to do with that problem yet.

The current problem I have with LCG is that the FIFO for sending commands to the hardware can fill up easily, and I don't see any way to sleep waiting for the hardware to catch up. I've got it working by just waiting for the FIFO to empty out, but that leaves the machine sitting in a short cpu loop with interrupts blocked.


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