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Re: (nearly) everything works on a Vaxstation 4000/90

>>  double d = 1e50; 
>> is translated to:
>>  movd $0d+Inf,-12(%fp)

> 1e50 should definitely fit into a double... Something is fishy here.
> I suspect the compiler.

You're probably thinking IEEE.  This is VAX floating point; D-floats,
like F-floats, range from, approximately, .29e-38 to 1.7e38.  1e50 is
quite definitely out of range.  (D-float is just like F-float but with
more mantissa bits, in contrast to the way IEEE double extends the
exponent as well as the mantissa.  There is a 64-bit VAX floating-point
type, G-float, with more exponent bits, and a 128-bit type, H-float,
with even more, but the "movd" indicates that D-float is in use here.)

Furthermore, anything that tries to generate an infinity under any
circumstances when building for a VAX is prima facie broken.

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