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Re: (nearly) everything works on a Vaxstation 4000/90

In article <20090330213731.259460%gmx.net@localhost>, Bella Riosa 
<romanis%gmx.ch@localhost> wrote:
>a big thank you to everyone!
>NetBSD5-RC3 is running very well on my VaxStation. I've built many
>packages already and nearly everything works! I've found only two bugs:
>1. the groff bug, while building world (is anyone working oh this?)
>2. /usr/games/trek dumps core with an illegal instruction.
>i think the latter error is caused by gcc. 
> double d = 1e50; 
>is translated to:
> movd $0d+Inf,-12(%fp)
>i don't think, this is correct. Maybe instead of Inf something like
>DOUBLE_MAX should be used?

1e50 should definitely fit into a double... Something is fishy here.
I suspect the compiler.


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