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Re: Native Build of -current

Johnny Billquist wrote:

Michael Schneider wrote:

I had the "usual" problems with groff segfaulting while building pics.ps, grnexmpl.ps and other ps-files.

Expected. :-)

Right ;-)


Considering that you're not the only one getting the hang (and I get it in libm while doing lint as well), I very much doubt you have some hardware problem. Instead it's something wrong in NetBSD/vax. I've posted about this before, and also added some additional observations which people should find interesting.

Yes, i read about that, but only after i restarted the build.

I now get this while booting:
    Clearing temporary files.
    Creating a.out runtime link editor directory cache.
    [1]   Killed                  ${ldconfig_comma...

That don't sound right...

    Checking quotas: done.

But all else seems to be fine.

Hmmm... Did you update the files in /etc?

Yes. With /usr/sbin/etcupdate.
I have the same or similar problems right now while building: "someone" is throwing around SIGKILLs at random. Hmmm...

Now i'm going to try an update build to get the latest changes, an then i'll do an fresh clean build to see whether -current can rebuild itself.

But this will, of course, take a few days...



Michael Schneider                       email:   ms%vaxcluster.de@localhost
Germany                                  http://www.vaxcluster.de

        "Man muss nicht immer alles glauben was stimmt"

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