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Native Build of -current


just to give another data point:
I just finished a native build of -current from January 16th sources, starting from a fairly fresh netbsd-5 install.

I had the "usual" problems with groff segfaulting while building pics.ps, grnexmpl.ps and other ps-files.

I also had a complete lockup while building the lint libraries for libm. I have not looked further into this, just disabled the building of lint libraries ("MKLINT = no") because is supected a hardware problem (i have memory boards of questionable origin), but i might be wrong with that because it always locked up in libm.
The next run will be with "MKLINT = yes" to see what happens.

I now get this while booting:
        Clearing temporary files.
        Creating a.out runtime link editor directory cache.
        [1]   Killed                  ${ldconfig_comma...
        Checking quotas: done.

But all else seems to be fine.

Now i'm going to try an update build to get the latest changes, an then i'll do an fresh clean build to see whether -current can rebuild itself.

But this will, of course, take a few days...


Michael Schneider                       email:   ms%vaxcluster.de@localhost
Germany                                  http://www.vaxcluster.de

    "Wenn die Liebe geht, die Hobbys bleiben!" (Rainald Grebe)

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