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Re: vax crosscompilation finished ok

Wojciech Galazka wrote:
>The following build ended up successfully
>./build.sh -O ../obj.vax -T ../tools -X ../xsrc -N1 -j3 -U -u -x -m vax  relea

yes.  I've just gotten -current and netbsd-5 to build cleanly for vax
doing a cross compile on linux (rhel3).

I think there are still a few things to clean up (I still had to fix a few
things) but it's *much* closer now.

I found checking http://releng.netbsd.org/ to be helpful to see how the
nightly builds are going.  I believe those are done on netbsd, so a
posix cross compile is slightly different.  (I just learned about this


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