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Re: crash building in groff

Brad Parker wrote:
Anders Magnusson wrote:
Brad Parker wrote:
I don't have 4.4 handy.  I have 4.3, and it looks like in 4.3 it will
use vax/cabs.s which looks like an assembler version of the C code I

I can dig up the 4.4 code and try it, but mind if I ask why?

As others already have written, the binary formats differ.

But a closer look tells that it might be using the assembly version, but I
really cannot follow how it is used with weak symbols etc.   Or else it is
the problem Matt wrote about, he has more knowledge about this than I do.

Someone (sorry, not sure who) said that the hypot code might be throwing
an exception by generating an illegal instruction.

I don't know who said that, or why.
Because it sure don't look like an illegal instruction signal to me.


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