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Re: current status of NetBSD on VAX

e.stiebler wrote:
Johnny Billquist wrote:
Hi, Emanuel.

Not sure exactly what you want, so it's a bit difficult to answer. If you want to try current, what's the blurb about 4.0? Or do you mean you want to install 4.0, and try building -current from there?

I guess, that was what I was trying to ask.

So you're saying to install netbsd-4.0 and compile current should work ?

Yes. As long as you have enough disk and patience.
I estimate the time to run though a build.sh on my 4000/90 to be about a week for 5.0. Could be a bit more.
I don't even want to guess for the 8650.
Back in the good old days (like NetBSD 1.6) it took about a week on the 8650.


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