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Re: netbsd on vax 11/730; booting in sim

Brad Parker wrote:
Johnny Billquist wrote:
Don't bother. 5.0 is broken enough that it don't boot at all on our 8650, and when I tried it on my 4000/90 it just hangs after running build.sh a day or two.

I just grabbed the latest 5.0 beta snapshot and it built the vax kernel
cleanly (posix build, using ubuntu 8.10 linux).

I was planning on patching it for the 730 and submitting patches; is
this the right place to post them?

I suppose building cleanly is not sufficient :-)  I'll try and run it on
a simh 780 in a minute.

I believe it runs fine (ie. boots) on a simh 11/780. Unfortunately that's not good enough, since I've tried it on the actual 8650 hardware. But if simh is good enough for you...

However, the second problem I mention is something most people don't even bother testing. That is - build natively. Or do any kind of extensive load tests. Since then the system just hangs after some time. It's a bug somewhere in the kernel, but it takes a little time to expose it.
Like I said, it took over a day on my 4000/90.


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