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Re: netbsd on vax 11/730; booting in sim

Anders Magnusson wrote:
Brad Parker wrote:
Anders Magnusson wrote:
Hehe, interesting :-)

I might put the dust off an old 11/750 with an RP07 disk and see if
it works with 5.0... :-)
>From what I saw the 750 support should work fine.  Only the 730 code was
missing.  Certainly with 2.0.3.  I have not tried anything more recent,
but I will.

mmm.  an RP07.  Have you spun it up recently?

About a year since last time.  I also have a RP06, but the disk formatter
has some problem and I haven't fixed it yet. Usually connected to a DEC 2020 :-)

Formatter as in software? Just whip some together. The documantation is available. Or drop by Uppsala and we could format the pack on our 11/70.

The RP07 should not be able to connect to 11/750 due to the high Massbus
data rate, but I have never encountered any problem.

The RP07 can be set to two different transfer speeds. It's a jumper configuration in the drive, and it just changes the data transfer speed. If it's set to the lower speed an 11/750 should probably be fine. Don't know if it was officially supported though.


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