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Re: Firefox52 broken on NetBSD9.3 / pkgsrc-2022Q4

On Thu, Mar 23, 2023 at 8:43 AM Riccardo Mottola
<riccardo.mottola%libero.it@localhost> wrote:
> Hi,
> I jump in here, because I am interested in compiling issues in gecko.
> Connor McLaughlan wrote:
> > firefox52 and thunderbird52 need to be compiled with "SSP_SUPPORTED= no" to run.
> >
> > arcticfox gives a bus error, even when compiled with all hardening disabled;
> > but this is a new package since 2022Q4 and has not been run
> > successfully for me on sparc64 yet.
> Since I am the current upstream author of ArcticFox, I'm interested here.
> I do try on sparc64 from time to time. On NetBSD rarely, since my Netra
> T1 takes a full day or more to compile it. On Linux the Fire T2000 takes
> less. Neither on Linux nor NetBSD I got anything else than a crash at
> startup.
> I test directly the github dev-branch sourches, not a package.
> While ArcticFox incorporates several endianness patches and some SPARC
> patches made by Martin, I do not know if it contains all the work
> applicable from Firefox: I applied those I could find, I have no "list"
> to check.
> I don't have NetBSD/PPC to test on, but AF works quite well on Linux
> PPC32/PPC64 as well as on NetBSD x86 & amd64. So essentially, the issue
> is SPARC. Best Memory issue finding CPU ever besides HP-PA :)
> >
> > I am currently testing to compile and run seamonkey-2.53.13 of 2022Q4
> > but i expect this to fail due to other issues on sparc64; the last
> > known good version for me was seamonkey-2.49.5.
> The switch comes from the gecko52 to the gecko60 core, which in cludes
> rust. So Seamonkey 2.53 would me newer than FF52... nice feat. How is
> (hated) rust on sparc64? and sparc? I know it is mot much PPC friendly...
> Riccardo

Hello Riccardo,

ArcticFox 40.1 - 20230522 found its way into pkgsrc. It compiles and
runs well on NetBSD9.3/sparc64... no crashes so far.

I have a few rendering issues, but only on modern websites...so i
suppose this is to be expected due to javascript problems?
(like formatting loss and no pictures on e.g. www.heise.de)

Also i found no option to enable or disable javascript, that usually
sits under Preferences -> Content.

Great work and many thanks for this additional browser possibility on


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