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Re: Why sun-ss5 over wsvt25?


> I'm wondering why the default term for sparc64 is sun-ss5 and not
> wscons/wsvt25? From my perspective, wscons should be preferred as the
> home/end keys on my sun keyboard work AND I get a little colour on my
> U60.

I think history is the main reason.  Sparc used "sun-ss5" as its default
to handle cgsix framebuffers and type5 (*) keyboards.  I think that we
should probably change this now for sparc64, as I guess that U1 and U2
users are no longer the majority.

Also, I presume that you are talking about the console here, rather than
with X?



(*) There is sun-type4 as well, for machines with a type 4 keyboard, but not
using a cgsix
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