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Re: Why sun-ss5 over wsvt25?

On Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 04:22:18PM +0000, Roy Marples wrote:
> I'm wondering why the default term for sparc64 is sun-ss5 and not
> wscons/wsvt25? From my perspective, wscons should be preferred as the
> home/end keys on my sun keyboard work AND I get a little colour on my
> U60.

I like the black on white look (and the missing colours ;-}). It's the
way a sun console is supposed to look.

We could, of course, do wsvt25 emulation and still keep black on white,
but then we end up with some kind of grey, IIRC.

Anyway, I'm not insisting on the status quo.

> This may also solve PR #42959.

Yes, it would, but it's easy to solve correctly too.


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