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Re: Why sun-ss5 over wsvt25?

On Thu, 11 Mar 2010, Roy Marples wrote:

> I'm wondering why the default term for sparc64 is sun-ss5 and not
> wscons/wsvt25? From my perspective, wscons should be preferred as the
> home/end keys on my sun keyboard work AND I get a little colour on my
> U60.

Originally the port used the OpenBoot drivers to provide terminal output, 
and that is sun-ss5 emulation.

Now that wscons (yech) is in use, this decision may need to be revisited.  
Arguably, wscons on SPARC machines should be enhanced to provide the same 
terminal emulation as OpenBoot to provide consistency.

Of course, neither of these are appropriate if you are using the serial 
port connected to some other sort of device.  I usually use an xterm for 
the console.  Ideally the console terminal emulation should be determined 
dynamically from the device that is actually in use as the console.


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