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FTGH: many 370-1704 and 501-2922

I recently found a box of SBus cards in my storage unit.  Today I
inventoried it.

The part that's relevant here is that it included upwards of 50
370-1704s (fast wide differential SCSI - fuzzy memory says they're
HVD-only, but I haven't confirmed that) and upwards of 20 501-2922s
(cgsix, unfortunately one of the low-memory models).  I think the
counts were 54 and 22, but I'd have to re-count to be sure.

They're in Ottawa (Ontario, Canada).  Most of them I haven't tested at
all, not even to the extent of verifying that a machine powers up with
them installed.

Anyone interested?  I don't expect to have any use for the 370-1704s.
I think I'll save myself a few of the 501-2922s, but that still leaves
some 15-20 of them looking for a home.  Someone willing to do testing
and individual shipping and the like - and prepared to tolerate ebay -
could probably turn a few hundred in profit by ebaying them, based on a
quick search I did on my work "smart"phone.  I satisfy none of those
criteria myself, though.  (I don't insist on the whole lot going to one
person, but I'm not interested in shipping out dozens of boxes.)

Local pickup strongly preferred, but if nobody local is interested I
might be convinced to figure out some way to pack them for shipment.  I
will alsp be posting in a few other places, since I expect the level of
interest to be relatively low.

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