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Re: Anyone have working pre-v8 machines?

>> Is that reason enough to keep the code?
> It's not about "keeping the code" - it is about testing the new,
> fixed code.

Ah, okay.  "My theory is that there are no working v7 machines out
there any more, and if there are, they are permanently turned off"
sounds as though it's heading in the direction of "v7 support is
unneeded and likely untestable", and if it _were_ untestable and unused
then I would agree it would be better removed.

> But it seems potential testers are out there - so that is good to
> know!

Definitely!  I don't know exactly how many working v7 machines I have,
but I'm reasonably sure the number is greater than zero, and, as I
said, I'd be fine with arranging access for someone working on support.

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