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RE: MP support on SS20


I am using sparc32, sparc64, hppa, alpha and other interesting things... I am enough optimistic!

I tried to use pbulk, but I can not run it even on x86 machine. Now, I have a "cross-compil" x86 machine and it is possible to build about 4000 packages in this way. About 350 packages will be original, there is no this packages on ftp.netbsd.org. Also, I use qemu, and it is a little bit slow. I already build about 3000 packages and ,ore than 400 of them are original (not in cross-compilled list and not in ftp.netbsd.org). I just make cd /usr/pkgsrc/something && make package and ls /usr/pkgsrc/packages/All | wc -l

Pbulk is more correct way, but I can not configure it. I describe my experience in Russian in my blog - https://ideafix.name/?tag=netbsd and I found a russian speaking people from netbsd community, but all I have - old documentation and no local community.

Best regards, Alex.

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Le jeu. 25 févr. 2021 à 23:11, <ideafix%ideafix.name@localhost> a écrit :
> Can not build pkgsrc 2020q4 on netbsd 9.1 sparc.
> System stops while checking GNU Fortran compiler. Please help me to edit my /etc/mk.conf to build (or exclude) fortran.

Trying to build the full pkgsrc for netbsd/sparc might be optimistic.
It will take a very long time, and some packages will fail for various reasons - bugs, not supporting sparc, out-of-memory, ...

I would suggest rebuilding only the pkg you actually want/need on your box (and pkgsrc should take care of the dependencies for you). I've built a few for myself from 2020q1/2020q2 in 9.0, you can find my notes in the file 000README.MD in there:
(in pkgsrc/packages/NetBSD/sparc/9.0/All/).

Are you building on genuine hardware - and if so which one ? - or in an emulator like QEmu ?


Romain Dolbeau

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