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Re: Can't boot SS2 from CD with 8.0, 8.1, 8.99


AFAIK the HappyMealEthernet (hme) SBus card doesn't work in sun4c class
machines, under any
operating system; same is true for the QuadFastEthernet (qfe) SBus
adapter --- I tried both
(with version 2.9 of the SS2 firmware, both under NetBSD and Solaris)
and they didn't work for me;
if you want 100MBit Ethernet, you can use the BigMacEthernet (be) SBus
adapter, but this is half
duplex only. (I don't have a be card, so I didn't verify this
personally). Apart from the onboard
le interface, both the QuadEthernet (qe) and SBus le adapters work
without problems, but they are
10MBit Ethernet only.
BR, Georg Brein

Am 03.07.2019 um 06:38 schrieb Chris Hanson:
> That turned out to be it: Upgrading my SPARCstation 2’s boot ROM from 2.4.1 to 2.9 allows NetBSD to boot just fine.
> Now that I’ve got it installed, unfortunately I appear unable to get it online; I had a HappyMeal card laying around so I threw that in there, but NetBSD 8.1 is just spitting out “hme0: hme_chipreset: reset failed” along with “le0: lost carrier” (of course, since I don’t have an MAU attached, much less a network).
> Unfortunately, I don’t remember if I had to do some configuration on my SPARCstation 20 when switching it from le0 to hme0 when I installed a HappyMeal 100TX card in it. Does anyone know if that requires some sort of configuration, either in the ROM or NetBSD? This is an almost entirely clean install.
>   -- Chris

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