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Re: sun4c (Was /etc/disktab on vax)

I haven't tried a netboot yet, that was going to be my next option. The tape drive that I have is dead so there's no tape boot option for me right now.

*nod* Ok. keep an eye on the capstans and the rubber wheel. I've seen a number of drives dug out of retirement by enthusiests that've beed fed their first tape and have had the rubber wheel spoodge all over the tape as it self-destructs in much the same way the rubber feet on old sun's enjoy. Check carefully if you do get the urge.

I've not found any documentation for performing a PROM update. If you've got a link, I'd be glad to look.

It's pretty simple. Grab the prom update from a TME emulator site, eg:

Grab an empty EPROM or one of the new FLASHPROM equivs like the AM29Fxxx's (there's lovely .. plenty of chances to mess up and experiment without having to worry about 1hr retry-delays as you erase under the UV lamp, just blank it and retry), feed it the .bin image via a cheap willem programmer. It's what I've done. I'm running v2.9 in my Fujitsu IPX.

As for disks I'm ok for now. Both IPXes have 1GB installed disks and I have a few JBOD quad-pack boxes that are populated.

I like it. I've got a number of BA350's in service that are similar to the old sun quad-disk lunchbox wannabe's. Recently, I've upgraded some
systems to an "SSD" (Still amuses me to call it such for giggles) is one of 

I got them off fleabay for a fair bit of money. I've got two and frankly want to in the coming months get some more. I have nothing but the highest praise for what this Japanese chap has created. I have one attached to my Amiga 500+ off the GVP Impact-II disk controller. Some max multiple settings need to be set as it "will" try and do faster modes and the GVP gets it's knickers in a twist without it being set to 64kb transfer blocks. I have a second in the BA350 I'm feeding the VAX4000-m90 on the dining table (Yeah, I'm staying single it seems), and the third in the IPX. These things are darn quick, highly reliable. I just needed to take the whole "it's not spinning media, it has limited number of write cycles to it, so put your swap partition/slices and volitile dirs elswhere". So, in addition to a scsi disk, I use one of these. System speed/response time is exceptionally sped up.

They were afair originally intended for the m68k mac liberationists, but work flawlessly in a lot of systems. Expensive, but really really just works.


 Al Boyanich
 adb -w -P "world> " -k /dev/meta/galaxy/ksyms /dev/god/brain

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