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Re: sparc wscons behavior in -current and netbsd-6

Seeing some additional discourse on this topic, I offer my $0.02.

I'm mostly interested that things adhere to "PoLA" (Principle of Least
Astonishment).  When a naive user/admin notices "Hey, NetBSD/sparc has
wscons support in GENERIC now!  Let me check it out." and sets "wscons=YES"
in "/etc/rc.conf" and either starts it explictly or reboots, it should
Just Work(tm).

I'm not so concerned with exactly which terminal emulation is compiled
in or how it will be referenced in "/etc/ttys", just as long as I'm not
left wondering why it doesn't work as seamlessly as

That said, I'd think it'd make the most sense to make wscons-using ports
uniform across the board.  Same emulation and default terminal type.
The only difference would be the hardware-dependent geometry of the
terminal display (which presumedly it can set at initialization).

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