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Re: sparc wscons behavior in -current and netbsd-6

On Sun, Jun 24, 2012 at 10:19:26AM -0400, Mouse wrote:
> > Depends if anyone can come up with a reason to keep the default to
> > WSEMUL_SUN on sparc.  I can't, all my kernels use VT100, but that
> > doesn't mean nobody can.
> How much does NetBSD care about compatability with historical practice
> and/or with other OSes on the same hardware?

A lot, in general. And emulation type "sun" will stay around, so if you
prefer it, you can use it.

However, in most cases the change is not user noticable, as long as the
term type is set correctly and everything "just works".

I bet you have some ASCII art games that only work with hardcoed

If there are serious reasons to keep using "sun" or "ss5" as the
default, I will gladly modify the installation process to install a
sparc specific wscons.conf file instead.


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