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installboot on landisk

Hey folks,

my recent sysinst changes broke installation on landisk.

I am trying to fix it, but I don't understand how/why it worked before:

 - sysinst creates a MBR NetBSD partition starting at sector 32 (on my disk)
 - disklabel partition a starts at sector 32 too
 - sysinst runs: installboot /dev/rwd0a /usr/mdec/bootffs2
   This causes a warning that the old MBR is ignored (likely all zeroes)

AFAICT none of this changed due to my changes.

But also it can not work, can't it?
It should probably use /dev/rwd0d for the installboot invocation, as it
patches code into the MBR (at sector 0 of the disk, not 32).

What am I missing?


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