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Re: Jemalloc fallout on sandpoint

> On Apr 8, 2019, at 2:40 PM, Julian Coleman <jdc%coris.org.uk@localhost> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Upgraded my QNAP TS-201 (sandpoint) to current, and all binaries crash with:

What kind of CPU is in this device?  It's possible that jemalloc is making a page size assumption that isn't true for this particular powerpc CPU (I think there were other issues like this on another port...)

>  <jemalloc>: /usr/src/external/bsd/jemalloc/lib/../dist/src/pages.c:273: Failed assertion: "PAGE_ADDR2BASE(addr) == addr"
>  [1]   Abort trap (core dumped) sh
> Not sure how we can pass in an address that isn't the page base address here.
> It looks like the allocations from pages.c have the same assertion, so they
> shouldn't cause this.  Could base_block_alloc() be allocating a block that
> starts at an address that isn't a multiple of the page size?  Should we
> assert "PAGE_ADDR2BASE(block) == block" every time we allocate a block?
> Regards,
> Julian

-- thorpej

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