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Re: Hello

Allen Briggs writes:
 > [ There is a port-sandpoint%netbsd.org@localhost mailing list--there is not 
 > any
 >   need to include the macppc folks in the discussion.  Replies are
 >   redirected to port-sandpoint. ]
 > > Hello I would like to port NetBSD to my sandpoint evaluation board
 > > for studying purpose...
 > It's already been ported.  If you pick up NetBSD-current (there are
 > instructions for this on the www.netbsd.org web site), you will find
 > a src/sys/arch/sandpoint directory.  There are several things missing
 > from the port (IDE support, for example), but it seems to work fine
 > with both the Unity and the Altimus processor modules, and all of the
 > sources are in the main tree right now.  You just need to download and
 > build.

Oh, I wish it were that EZ.  (I've been trying for a week to get the
entire tree to build using a cross-compiler.)  The kernel builds fine,
its all of user-land that creates a problem.

 > If you need other information, please let me know where you need to
 > start.
 > > PS : I already ported linux with sandpoint....
 > Did you work on the port for Monte Vista (?), or was this an independent
 > effort?

And if not Monte Vista, where is the source?


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