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Re: Hello

[ There is a port-sandpoint%netbsd.org@localhost mailing list--there is not any
  need to include the macppc folks in the discussion.  Replies are
  redirected to port-sandpoint. ]

> Hello I would like to port NetBSD to my sandpoint evaluation board
> for studying purpose...

It's already been ported.  If you pick up NetBSD-current (there are
instructions for this on the www.netbsd.org web site), you will find
a src/sys/arch/sandpoint directory.  There are several things missing
from the port (IDE support, for example), but it seems to work fine
with both the Unity and the Altimus processor modules, and all of the
sources are in the main tree right now.  You just need to download and

If you need other information, please let me know where you need to

> PS : I already ported linux with sandpoint....

Did you work on the port for Monte Vista (?), or was this an independent


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