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Xorg FYI

Hi all,
just an FYI about running Xorg, you'll need to use a custom kernel config because the standard ones lack the following line, which is required to run X:

options         INSECURE        # needed for X to work

This option sets kern.securelevel=-1, which would normally be 0 by default. During the boot process, 0 will automatically be reassigned to 1, which prevents X from certain memory reads. This will prevent X from starting with errors like:

(EE) s3(0): Cannot read V_BIOS (5) Function not implemented

I was able to get the integrated IBM E15 display adapter working in 8-bit mode, 16-bit and 24-bit modes did start, but had weird color issues and small resolutions. Those modes are functionally unusable. The datasheet for the S3 Vision864 chip claims to support better color and resolutions, but the E15 implementation does not look to work with them and the IBM documentation only states support for the 8-bit resolutions. 1024x768 8-bit seems to work okay, which is the max resolution mentioned in the IBM documentation.


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