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Re: Booting DS5000/240 from CDROM

On Sat, 12 Nov 2016, Gordon Zaft wrote:

> Okay it is now seeing my HDD.  When I do a boot 3/rz6/netbsd  I get ?IO:
> 3/rz6/netbsd (bb rd) .  So I'm thinking either it doesn't like the CDROM
> drive or the actual CD...

 Did you set the block size to 512B on the drive?  There's usually a pin 
header position to switch between 2kB and 512B blocks with a jumper, along 
with termination, device ID, etc. settings, usually located next to the 
SCSI connector.  If there's no such setting available on the pin header, 
then you'll need to find another drive I'm afraid.



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