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Booting DS5000/240 from CDROM

Apologies, I've not done this in a while.

I'm trying to install from CD (A -current build I was pointed to for
testing).  I downloaded and burned the ISO.  My CDROM (not a DEC one though
I do have one, but this one seems more reliable) is et to SCSI ID 6 and my
HDD is set to SCSI ID 3.

I tried to boot with

boot 3/rz6/netbsd

with no success.  I thought 3 was the device/slot # and 6 is the SCSI ID?

I looked at

but it does not actually tell you how to boot the CD there, which is odd.

Help, please?


Gordon Zaft
Province 35 Governor
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity

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