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Re: Slab won't power on?

>> Then I went looking for my NeXTPrinter driver [...]
> The NeXT printer is a dump printer ([...]) so any driver for it would
> probably have to do the rasterization in software.

Oh, I was talking about just the kernel driver.  I was expecting to
throw page bitmaps at it.  That's what I did with the SPARCprinter; the
lpvi driver I did back in 2002 (that one I _have_ found) just takes
page bitmaps from userland and throws them to the hardware.  That's all
I'd expect from an np driver - and all I'd want, actually.

> Most f the NeXT printers I've seen have failed in one way or
> another... especially on the drive rollers and whatnot.  Old rubber
> gets hard...

That's a possibility.  But it won't matter unless/until I can find the

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