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Re: Slab won't power on?

> So it seems the battery _is_ necessary for operation.  (I'll probably
> mount a two-dry-cell holder somewhere in the case to sub for the
> designer's lithium battery, unless I find somewhere I can get a
> replacement battery for less than ridiculous cost.)

The battery is needed to power on… that;’s usually the first cause for the 
machine to not power on. The next being capacitor failure.

> Then I went looking for my NeXTPrinter driver and couldn't find it.  I
> don't know whether I'm wrong in thinking I once had such a thing or
> whether I've just lost the code; it's possible what I'm actually
> remembering is the SPARC lpvi driver I did back in 2002.

The NeXT printer is a dump printer (kind of like those ‘windows printers’) so 
any driver for it would probably have to do the rasterization in software. Most 
f the NeXT printers I’ve seen have failed in one way or another… especially on 
the drive rollers and whatnot. Old rubber gets hard…

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