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Re: Replacement P2 for MVME167, MVEM177, and a newer 712

On 13 February 2017 at 21:12, Pete Lancashire <pete%petelancashire.com@localhost> wrote:
> Running on a Motorola MVME167 or 177 ?
> This summer I'm going to make a replacement adapter for the P2 cable
> adapter to 712M,
> and after that a newer 712.
> I've been a VXI user for quite some time, and got the bug to do a 68K
> and 88K VME setup for fun.
> Finding the 712 connector interface and the P2 card is quite hard to
> do if you dont want to pay prices that take all the fun out it.
> I've been helped with a couple guys that have home MVME setups, and an
> soliciting suggestions on improvements and modernizations
> For example
> Replace the  network connector on the 712M with a onboard AUI and a RJ45 jack,
> Change the serial connectors to 9 Pin
> Optionally include a serial to USB module, and maybe even a wireless interface.
> On the P2 card, add a 68 Pin SCSI socket, with the high byte pulled
> high (same as a 50 to 68 pin adapter)
> Change the 50 Pin SCSI connector to a 68 Pin
> So .. anyone still playing with these boards and need a P2 ? and maybe
> a more up to date 712 ?

Would love to be playing with am 167 or 177, but just lurking on the
list - the closest I can get is an Atari TT (with VME network card


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