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Replacement P2 for MVME167, MVEM177, and a newer 712

Running on a Motorola MVME167 or 177 ?

This summer I'm going to make a replacement adapter for the P2 cable
adapter to 712M,
and after that a newer 712.

I've been a VXI user for quite some time, and got the bug to do a 68K
and 88K VME setup for fun.

Finding the 712 connector interface and the P2 card is quite hard to
do if you dont want to pay prices that take all the fun out it.

I've been helped with a couple guys that have home MVME setups, and an
soliciting suggestions on improvements and modernizations

For example

Replace the  network connector on the 712M with a onboard AUI and a RJ45 jack,

Change the serial connectors to 9 Pin

Optionally include a serial to USB module, and maybe even a wireless interface.

On the P2 card, add a 68 Pin SCSI socket, with the high byte pulled
high (same as a 50 to 68 pin adapter)

Change the 50 Pin SCSI connector to a 68 Pin

So .. anyone still playing with these boards and need a P2 ? and maybe
a more up to date 712 ?

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