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Re: panic: fpudna from userland

Manuel Bouyer <bouyer%antioche.eu.org@localhost> writes:

> On Mon, May 13, 2024 at 08:13:04AM -0700, Brian Buhrow wrote:
>> 	hello Emmanuel.  Do you know what versions of Xen are producing these spurious traps?  I'm
>> running NetBSD-domu's with an fpdna() function that just panics, i.e. with no #ifdef and I'm
>> not seeing this issue at all, with Xen-4.16.0 running on top of FreeBSD-13.1 as the dom0.  I'm
>> about to run some domu's with Xen-4.18.1, so maybe it's happening there?  Or, is there
>> something special about our dom0?
> I've seen it with 4.13, 4.15 and 4.18 so I don't think it's specific to a
> Xen version. But in my case it shows up once in a while while running
> anita tests, but I've not seen it while building packages.

I only have 4.15 here.  It has only happened on 32 bit i386 PAE guests.
Those guests also use PVSHIM (I have not tried them without that).  It
started to appear with NetBSD 10.x (didn't happen before that) and can
happen in a nearly idle guest for me, but seems to occur more often when
building pkgsrc stuff.

Brad Spencer - brad%anduin.eldar.org@localhost - KC8VKS - http://anduin.eldar.org

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