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NetBSD-9 on 80486?


I'm trying to boot NetBSD-9 on an ISA system with a Cyrix 486DLC. The system boots NetBSD 4.0.1 just fine:


I've compiled a NetBSD-9 LEGACY kernel as well as a custom kernel without ACPI (also tried COPTS="-march=i486"), but all kernels I try to boot (using the 4.0.1 bootloader) hang right after they finish loading:

5451728+95136+670816 [429136+342778]=0x6aac58

I know gcc, and therefore NetBSD, stopped supporting 80386 CPUs due to the lack of certain atomic instructions, but I thought 80486 CPUs were still supported.

I also tried NetBSD 5, 6 and 7 kernels, but they do the same thing. It seems that "vga0 at isa?" was removed before NetBSD 8, so I'd expect them to work.

Any ideas?

John Klos

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