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Accidentally "upgraded" i386 to amd64

So I've been playing with NetBSD-amd64 a lot lately and I accidentally
upgraded my 20+ year old i386 system to amd64 using an install kernel
with sysinst. I didn't realize it until it rebooted and I saw a few
errors. I could restore the system - but this needed to happen at some
point. The machine is amd64 capable and booted mostly just fine. I'm
going to go with it if I can.

I used the netbsd-9 snapshot from nyftp marked 202011301900Z

So, "I don't know what I don't know" is wrong with it. So far 2 things
are sticking out:

# pkgin ls
reading local summary...
processing local summary...

/!\ Warning /!\ i386 doesn't match your current architecture (x86_64)
You probably want to modify /usr/pkg/etc/pkgin/repositories.conf.

I don't know how or where to fix this. My repositories.conf file is
already pointing to an amd64 location. I don't know why pkgin thinks
it's still i386. I replaced all packages with pkg_add instead of pkgin
and that seemed to work. I would prefer to use pkgin obviously.

# sleep 1
could not load libm387.so.0 for libm.so.0
(this load error happens with various commands)

While researching this I went to a VM with a pretty clean install of
netbsd-9 amd64 and it doesn't even have libm387 as far as I can tell.
My "upgraded" system does have libm387.so.0.1 and it is 32 bit. This
doesn't appear to actually cause a problem.

So far so good, I'm sticking with amd64 but I'd like to fix the
problems I can see and anything I don't know about that someone can
point me to.



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