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Re: [PATCH] Add intr_mask() / intr_unmask() interface to mask / unmask individual interrupt sources

> On Nov 30, 2019, at 1:31 PM, Manuel Bouyer <bouyer%antioche.eu.org@localhost> wrote:
>> I suppose with my current set of changes, ihidev would be broken on a XEN Dom0 system.  How common would that scenario be?  Anyway, I'd argue that the current situation is equally broken, and I've already been waiting for 4 months for someone who understands the XEN interrupt code to help out with this.  Am I supposed to just wait indefinitely?
> Of course not. But I think it's possible to properly #idfef the code to
> keep it working with polling if mask/unmask is not available.

No, because the upcoming changes to the i2c layer would not allow for it.  I suppose a compromise position would be "timer-driven polling of the HID device instead of I2C_F_POLL".  But honestly I'd almost rather just let it remain broken on Xen systems in order to set up the correct incentives for the folks who maintain the Xen support.

-- thorpej

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