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Re: [PATCH] Add intr_mask() / intr_unmask() interface to mask / unmask individual interrupt sources

Le 11/08/2019 à 19:36, Jason Thorpe a écrit :
Anyone?  Bueller?

Small notes:

+	const u_long psl = x86_read_psl();
+	x86_disable_intr();

Not sure, why disable interrupts? To prevent an interrupt between the
is_mask_count and pic_hw* changes?

+	if (mask) {
+		source->is_mask_count++;
+		KASSERT(source->is_mask_count != 0);
+		(*pic->pic_hwmask)(pic, ih->ih_pin);

Seems like pic_hwmask only needs to be called when is_mask_count==0.

Note that XENINTRSTUB will also need the same changes.

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