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Re: GPT and raidframe aware bootstrap

Martin Husemann <martin%duskware.de@localhost> wrote:

> Looks good at a quick glance. Minor nit: where would NO_GPT be defined?
> Is the #ifdef dance worth/necessary?

I understand some bootstrap binaries have a severe memory footprint
limitation, and hence need to be feature-deprived enough to fit. 

For instance, bootxx_msdos does not build when there are too many debug
printf in the code, and I suspect this is the same reason why I have not
been able to installboot bootxx_fat16 and bootxx_fat12 recently
(fortunately, bootxx_msdos is a working replacement for them).

The code already had NO_GPT, I kept using it in this contribution. I
also added NO_RAIDFRAME if  it is useful to remove the introduced code
to work with inner raidframe partitions.

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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