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Re: ipkdb

Le 09/10/2017 à 13:46, Kamil Rytarowski a écrit :
On 09.10.2017 13:29, Maxime Villard wrote:
is there any interest in maintaining ipkdb on i386? It is poorly
  * Until I removed vm86, ipkdb couldn't interact well with userland 8086
  * It does not support SMP.
  * What ipkdbsetup and friends do is basically crazy (patching the IDT

I'm trying to simplify the entry/exit points in the kernel, and the
presence of
ipkdb does not help. I would like to remove it from i386. Note also that
is no support for it on amd64.



Yes, there is interest to resurrect ipkdb(4).

Revisit of ipkdb(4) has been roughly scheduled after finishing LLDB,
ptrace, sanitizers, (+kernel-sanitizers?), restoration of GDB and
aligning kgdb to the reality... before that it's not the proper time to
touch it, at least by myself.

I plan to research current usability and how to make this kernel feature
more MI, at least compatible with any network device.

src/blob/trunk/doc/TODO.ptrace: - research ipkdb(4)

When I raised questions about the current ipkgdb(4) implementation
Christos suggested to leave it as it is to keep as a reference for
future work.

Alright, I'll leave it as is too then.

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