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Xorg: better with native or modular/pkgsrc?

What is the experience on Xorg in NetBSD, native or modular/pkgsrc?

Platforms of interest would be i386 and amd64.

I'd prefer the modular Xorg but not if it doesn't start or is crippled, as with 
a mouse pointer that moves horizontally but not vertically.

Is native Xorg more reliable?

I guess if I switch to native Xorg from modular, I'd have to rebuild all 
packages that use graphic interface.

Then it might be easier to start fresh with a new installation of NetBSD.

I use current (head).

Not sure which list to post to, could also have posted to netbsd-users or 

I am subscribed to these lists, so anybody who responds may feel free to edit 
the lists on To: line.


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