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80386 support

I have this memory that NetBSD/i386 has dropped 80386 support.  If I'm
not hallucinating, when did this happen?  I'd've expected something
that major to be in the "News" section of the i386 ports page, or the
i386 news archive page, but it doesn't seem to be either place.  This
would seem to imply I'm imagining it - but 5.1.2's i386/INSTALL.more
file says "i486 or later", implying I'm not.  Looking at historical
INSTALL.more files indicates that it's real and it happened between 4.x
and 5.x, but that's the sort of thing that could easily not get updated
when it should.

Might someone be willing to clarify?  And maybe an update to the News
section of .../ports/i386/ is in order?

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