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ntpd won't sync

Hi. I have a computer based on a Tyan Tiger i7501 motherboard, which hosts two 2GHz Xeons with Hyperthreading. ntpd won't sync on it. I've tried changing the kern.timecounter.hardware from ACPI-Fast (the default) to TSC and i8254.

It appears to work marginally better when set to i8254, but it still doesn't sync. The jitter figure from "ntpq -p" seems to stabilize in the mid 50s, when kern.timecounter.hardware is set to ACPI-Fast. The synch distance figure from "ntptrace" seems to grow without bound.

Anyone have any ideas? I'd be happy to provide any further information necessary. This machine is my file server, and I would really like for it to have its clock run accurately.

Peace...  Sridhar

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