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In article <200802151025.LAA0000059517%zel459.zel.kfa-juelich.de@localhost>,
Matthias Drochner  <M.Drochner%fz-juelich.de@localhost> wrote:
>agrier%poofygoof.com@localhost said:
>> it is likely that the kernel floating point emulation is fine.
>It _was_ fine -- it was removed about a month ago.
>> the other
>> alternative is to limit gcc to only generate floating point that the
>> kernel can emulate
>This is how it used to be. There is the "-mno-fancy-math-387"
>gcc option for exactly that purpose. It was set per default in gcc's
>netbsd-aout configuration. Likely just an oversight that it got lost
>in the transition to ELF. (see the MASK_NO_FANCY_MATH_387 flag
>in gcc config files)
>best regards

I think that we should not penalize the majority of CPU's to support the
few that need emulation. Building a soft-float userland seems to be the
right solution because I don't think that anyone is planning to implement
fsqrt and friends in the kernel.


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