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Free HW

Ok, figured I'd post them up here, if anyone is intereseted:

Compaq 6400, 4x500Mhz, 2GB Ram, 4x18GB drives.
Compaq DL580, 4x700Mhz, 4GB Ram, 4x36GB drives, Raid.

The 6400 doesn't have RAID, but I have a 3200 Raid controller I can give w/ it.
The DL580 does have RAID, either a 3200 or 4200 Raid (think its a 4200 (?)).

In western CT (Fairfield County), NY border, just looking to get rid of them, so if anyone is interested, email me at "CaptnZilog (at) aol.com", off list. I'd be willing to drive and meet 1/2 way, or anyone up in the Albany NY area, I'll be up there end of Feb for work.

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